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The Foundations of a Great Engineering Company

To truly understand the history and foundations of our Company you need to understand a little bit about its founding Partner, John Stigter, and the webs that were weaved through history. As the world slowly recovered from the aftermath of WW2, John arrived in Australia with his parents from Holland and graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Melbourne University in 1955. Following his degree he travelled to London to undertake further study and in 1957 achieved a Post Graduate Diploma of the Imperial College, London in 1957. A “DIC”, at the time was the ultimate in structural engineering education.


John travelled the world and worked in many countries, before finally ending up back in Australia in 1965. He began working in the Design Group of Lend Lease/Civil and Civic, where he quickly became Chief Structural Engineer. His most notable projects in Sydney were Australia Square and Park Regis Apartments. At the time these were some of the tallest buildings on the Sydney CBD skyline.


John then joined Willing English and Devin in 1969. He met Theo Farkis and Bill McKinley while there and the three of them put a proposition to the Partners to purchase the business and in 1973 it was renamed Stigter Farkas McKinley. They moved from Pitt Street to the WEA Building in Bathurst Street Sydney.

SCP Consulting John Stigter

“our clients appreciate our achieving of functional engineering solutions with attention to buildability and construction details”

Founding Director - J.Stigter

1974 saw a watershed moment for the business. McKinley retired and Bruce Clarey, a young engineer that John Stigter had attended University with, in Melbourne in 1955, joined the Practice. Bruce became a Partner and in 1976 the business was renamed Stigter Farkis Clarey and Partners. Between them, business boomed. Their clients were some of the biggest developers in Australia including Hooker, John Holland, Fletcher, Lendlease and Hutchinson.


A quote from John Stigter in 1978, when asked outline the key to their success, his response; “our clients appreciate our achieving of functional engineering solutions with attention to buildability and construction details”.


This is a philosophy that we still strive for today.


1981 saw the business name change to Stigter Clarey and Partners. The partners at the time were John Stigter, Bruce Clarey Joe Illek and Cees Thurmer. The following year Tim Hogan, Denis Egan and Peter Trickett joined as Associates.

SCP Consulting - Livio Trick John

Tim Hogan and Denis Egan were instrumental in the writing of the Australian Standards AS4100 steel Structures and AS3600 Concrete Structures respectively. Their work is experienced daily by all practicing structural engineers to this date.


John Stigter retired from the business in 1995 and 1998 saw a new generation of Directors taking the wheel; Peter Trickett, Tim Hogan & Denis Egan with Bruce Clarey. This also involved a name change from Stigter Clarey & Partners to SCP Consulting Pty Ltd, a name proudly held to this day.

This period saw some great projects that will be remembered for decades to come. The relocation of the Sydney Showground to Homebush, the refurbishment of the old Sydney Showground at Moore Park and relocation of Primo Smallgoods factory from the middle of what was to become Sydney Olympic Park.


2007/2008 saw a further changing of the guard with the Directors becoming Peter Trickett, David Templeton, Bryan King and Paul Siewert.

This period saw our clients demand a combined civil and structural capability and through David Templeton’s civil engineering connections whilst at Cardno MBK in 2005-6, an alliance with C and M Consulting was formed that moved us into large health projects such as Liverpool Hospital Redevelopment ($300 million), Campbelltown Hospital ($250 million) as well as major industrial developments for Toll, Woolworths and Liebherr Cranes.


Fast Forward to 2015. Livio Chiarot, a former founding director of Acor Consultants, joined SCP Consulting allowing us to establish an in-house civil engineering group. This capability combined with our long established structural reputation propelled us into a multidisciplinary consultancy with a growing list of reputable clients. Our diverse and growing client base still value the functional designs and attention to detail that John Stigter quoted back in 1978, and shows that some things never change.


Approaching the current day, these strong foundations have also allowed us to further grow our business, including Infrastructure and Building Services as well as specialist Aquatic designs.


With our eyes firmly on the future we look to continue our long history of quality projects, clients and staff and the next evolution of SCP Consulting.

SCP Consulting

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Cees Thurmer, David Templeton, Bryan King, Tim Hogan, Peter Trickett, John Stigter, Paul Siewert

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